Saturday, February 28, 2009

Salmon Sushi for Dogs

My dog is not really a dog. She is a pig. I say that with the deepest affection. My dog, Luca, is food driven. She will do anything for a "treat" or a "cookie" or a "sushi". Sushi is the latest word in her vocabulary. It drives her wild to discover that I have hidden a delectable wild salmon sushi in the middle of her kibble. She will sit patiently while I trim the hair around her face if she knows there's a sushi waiting on the counter for her. She will perform endless tricks for-out-of-town visitors if we bribe her with a packet of sushi. My daughters made the mistake of saying outloud that they wanted to go out for lunch at our local sushi restaurant, and Luca's fluffy ears pricked up and her tail began to wag expectantly....Now we have learned to spell out the word. But I know it won't take her long to figure out what S-U-S-H-I means. She's one smart dog, and I'm sure her quick canine intelligence is sharpened by all that lovely omega 3 fatty acid that she's getting from her salmon sushi treats.

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