Monday, July 28, 2008

Sometimes it Can Be Stressful Being a Dog

Dogs can experience stress too, you know. How do you know if your dog is stressed out?? A good indication of stress is if your dog is scratching his body alot; or if he's chewing on his paws or biting his nails. Another sign of stress is repeatedly doing naughty things like digging in the garden, chewing favourite books or shoes, or using the carpet for his toilet. If this behaviour persists, first check to see that he has no injuries. Sometimes when a dog is injured or has a sore tooth or paw, their behaviour changes. If his health is OK, then look back at your routine over the past few days. Perhaps you haven't taken your furry friend out for walkies often enough, or maybe you haven't shown him much affection or taken any notice of him other than refilling his water and food bowls.. Dogs love to be with their owners. They need plenty of exercise and a change in routine. So if you notice any strange behaviour or repetitive habits, go out for a good romp in the woods. It will do you both good.

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Valentina Bellicova said...

I can certainly understand that a dog can get all stressed out ... my goodness there are so many things that a poor pooch has to pay attention to. It must have been so much easier when all they needed to do was wander the yard and guard the house